How It All Started

This is what happens when you allow stupid people to continue to breed and leave it unchecked. These are commonly known as useful idiots but I would prefer to call them autists. To simplify why this particular topic got so much popularity and gained the traction that it did. I had originally made the video as a social experiment to troll (trick) your average moron into giving me views,comments and dislikes on my channel as much as I possibly could with the most minimal amount of effort. The video gained popularity through a video response by a YouTuber with a cult of 4.7+ million subscribers (autists) known as Leafyishere. The fact that I had absolutely no idea who this faggot was to begin with doesn’t surprise me since I don’t watch or get involved with useless channels whose sole dedication is to perpetually stir up drama one propaganda piece after another. When I had first heard of the name I thought it was a reference to a Pokemon.


How It Went Viral

A video titled “The Most Ignorant YouTuber On YouTube” is massively ironic seeing as how this professional autist and his cult of followers are the only ones ignorant here and continues to be ignorant of the fact that the video was deliberately designed to attract as many views as possible and ironically this ‘popular’ YouTuber gave me his undeserved attention is what kickstarted my video and making it go viral in the first place. Because not only is this a one sided propaganda piece that only gives you a single point of view easily compared to that of yellow-journalism, whose sole intention is to paint me in a bad light without any form of objectivity whatsoever only solidified this fact when all of his videos are all composed in a formulaic manner of using false information in a toxic subjective view to trigger their cult-followers emotions. This is only proves everything that is wrong with YouTube to prevent any communication between YouTubers and prevent any debate or equal exchange of views or ideas on fair grounds. This mob mentality of the ignorant masses is only allowed to happen by ‘those people’ and if you are actually smart you would know exactly what type of people I am referring to.


More Than I Had Bargained For

As my video grew in popularity this allowed to me to experiment even more by shitposting just to see what kind of responses I could trigger to get certain results. I decided to poke fun at the ignorant masses with a video of PVZ Garden Warfare gameplay and making witty remarks equally compared to that of 4chan. It’s that type of irony that got me banned from 4chan’s “safe space” to begin from a community of autists,racists and pedophiles because they simply couldn’t handle any of the truth and facts that and using it against them. It’s rather tragic when moot was exposed on being a total SJW sellout and that would explain why I ended up getting banned in the first place for only one single post. The video was made one month after the TotalBiscuit cancer video and the fact that I dropped some major truth bombs about TotalBiscuit’s career and background only shows how the left had already won and brainwashed a lot of the current youth at schools. Because they are currently lacking the ability to think critically and irresponsible parents not watching over their kids and the type of people they involve themselves with their online interactions and looking up to someone such as Leafyishere who is an overgrown manchild. Who is nearly 30 years old and is beta as fuck who also makes a career being a critic and a useless fucknut who would never survive in the real world but is able to thrive in the digital world by attacking and bullying innocent people online like the absolute coward that he is.


The Idiots That Got Trolled

As soon as my popular video had gained at about 300,000+ views there was a follow-up of circle-jerking autists with their constant virtue-signaling that can be easily compared to that of the leftist SJWs that go out of their way to attack anyone that disagrees with their ignorant views of reality and try to censor anyone that presents facts and evidence. I composed all of the response videos into a playlist just to show how these knuckle-dragging morons can’t even self-analyze themselves to the point that they themselves are the problem and that I am the solution: THE FINAL SOLUTION. This image below sums up the Leafyishere community in a nutshell and why I consider abortion and eugenics to be a good thing. I didn’t want to wish it so but seeing as how these morons are becoming more relevant and more violent by the day only proves my point and people wonder where most of the Antifa come from and the type of people that support these types of groups.


How My Video Became A Success

My channel only became popular due to the stupidity of the average fuckwads that make up the large portion of not only YouTube but people generally online. My channel will mostly be known for that “TotalBiscuit Cancer” video instead of the hundreds of quality videos that I put hard work into to improve people’s lives. The video is now over 1 year old since it’s original release on January 12,2016 and it continues to receive a steady flow of views and autistic comments due to JewTube’s algorithm. The fact that this is a gaming channel frequently uploading videos on a daily basis. It seems that the only way to garner any views or gain any relevancy is to attack other people and constantly perpetuate ignorant hatred towards other people or make useless and pointless videos that are of no value to anyone and only serve as shock value. This is why I simply gave up and focused most of my work on what I enjoy instead of catering to the sheeple that dominate over this planet and rule over the intelligent and productive.

Now you have a good general idea of why this video was made,what purpose it served and it’s aftermath. It is rather tragic how so many morons are clamoring for the censorship of others and wonder why there is so much hatred and misery in the world to begin with because they themselves perpetuate it. It is both a gift and a curse to have above average intelligence and would prefer freedom and liberty when in fact the ignorant masses prefer tyranny and slavery because they are too stupid and irresponsible to take agency of their actions. And this is why critics such as TotalBiscuit and Leafyishere are gloried and placed on a pedestal meanwhile people like Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain are blatantly forgotten and ignored. The stupidity never ends in result humankind’s ignorance and arrogance continues to plague over the large majority.

Why I Targeted Critics In General

My personal hatred towards critics is due to the fact that it is much easier to criticize than it is to set an example. You can literally give any moron a mouth and you will get a critic and he will spew out bullshit much like how most modern “journalists” are today but if you give a mouth to a genius and you will get a philosopher that can question and piece together the understanding of our universe and write an excellent piece of literature. What I am trying to say is: you give a man a gun and he will rob a bank,give a genius a gun and he will assassinate a world leader and overthrow an empire. You will always get largely different results depending who you give these gifts and talents to.


My Hatred of Critics

This is why I appreciate hard work,merit,craftsmanship and most of all: results. It is such that an artist can turn rubble into a sculpture by giving it the illusion of giving flesh on stone. A blacksmith that can convert ore into swords and armor. An engineer that can turn an arid desert into an oasis by collecting and transporting water. It is these unsung heroes who do in fact keep our civilization going meanwhile we praise useless eaters such as pseudo-intellectuals,celebrities and critics alike. They do not know the toil,time and energy it takes to make such feats possible meanwhile they are given the illusion of “freedom of speech” and such entitlements to criticize others with undeserved merit. They are only allowed the freedom to be stupid but not receive any consequences for it. This s the double-standard of a parasite.


Craftsmen Create Meanwhile Critics Destroy

This is a video footage of ISIS terrorists destroying a part of history and are literally destroying their very own culture from existence. These original artworks will never be seen again and the museum owners cried in tears in distraught when they had found these priceless artifacts desecrated making it impossible to recover ever again. This is why critics such as TotalBiscuit deserve what they get for being the unproductive parasites that they are always criticizing video games and never realizing how truly difficult it is to make a video game from scratch,the millions of dollars invested,thousands of skilled employees who spend between 4-6 years in college learning their trade and huge risks taken during it’s development. I don’t give a shit whether or not you consider what is “good” criticism or not. Because the fact that I was mostly targeting (professional) critics and not your average everyday critic that makes a living by deciding what is good or not based on a mere whim and not based on merit,objectivity and factual evidence. TotalBliscuit is so unskilled at his own career that he doesn’t even use a correct reviewing system to review these games and goes on 30 minute rants without a good explanation on what makes a good game or not.


The Difference Between a Critic and an Evaluator

I pretty much don’t give a flying-fuck about your constant virtue signaling on what is right and wrong. I was always a mature,intelligent and skilled man at a young age and I am not going to allow a bunch of professional autists whom are of no value or worth to anyone try and lecture me about the virtues of being a critic. I am not a critic and never have been. I am simply an evaluator. The literal definition of an evaluator “is someone whose job is to judge the quality, importance, amount, or value of something.” I give you my independent observation based on facts and reasoning which is much more valuable than an opinion. When you buy a service or a product you want to make sure you are getting the best quality possible when you exchange your currency (money) voluntarily with a company. You can never be forced to buy a product from a company. They will have to convince you to do it otherwise. This is capitalism where there are no safety-nets for your blatant stupidity in selling a shitty product or service and only have yourself to blame.

This is something 90% of what most people do not understand due to their overwhelming ignorance of how to make a much better buying decision. It is morons like you that continue buying the same stupid game every year and enabling these video game publishers such as EA,Ubisoft and Activision to continue pumping out the same bullshit ever year because you choose to have your wallets raped because you CHOOSE to. Seriously. Stop. Stop being this fucking retarded but you can’t. You would think that the average gamer would have the common sense to know when to stop giving these companies your hard earned money but it never happens. This is why most video game “journalists” are nothing but shills because you allow them to do so. This is why objective video game reviewers are dead in this echo-chamber culture because they are buried knee-deep in this over-saturated corporate culture and creates this type of toxic economic environment in the first place.

I am done trying to convince you fucking morons on how not to waste your money on shitty games and yet you continue to do so even when these games make poor sales because these major video game publishers already know that all they have to do is meet the bottom line of idiots buying their terrible games to continue working on the next sequel months ahead of time. This has become a trend and they know this and it is profitable for them to do so. Seriously. Just go fuck yourselves you knuckle-dragging retards. This is why I never chose to become a video game reviewer in the first place and chose to do it as a side hobby in my spare time. Now you know why I have a serious hatred for critics and video game critics in general. This is just normalizing mental illness only to repeat itself when you decide to preorder the same shitty game every 9 months. Hell. It’s not ever every year because these AAA game publishers already know that you are stupid enough to keep pre-ordering the same garbage every time and play the victim. Seriously. Choke on pig-shit and die you autists.

About The Author

The website is my very own personal portal where I bring together my most hand picked quality art,music,gaming,reviews and even some of my own content as well. This website serves as a time capsule to archive and keep record of such content and to simply share it with the rest of the world. The content presented here is uncensored and unaltered as it always should be. Because not only is the content great but it will also help you discover something new everyday without the opinion of anonymous strangers or large evil corporations. I am completely dependent on donations to pay for this website's expenses. Please check the website links in the menu above to view the payment gateways that are currently available.

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  1. ExoticTab

    People should give you a chance and not judge you by one video. Especially if they couldn’t obviously see you were trolling. When I watched it for the first time it was pretty obvious you were trolling. Then I watched some of your other videos and subbed. I watched you a lot when you first started doing Overwatch videos.

    • The Under Network

      People always want to join a witch hunt with this mob mentality because it makes them feel better about themselves not having to take any responsibilities or risks for their own actions.

      Not sure if you ever watched Game of Thrones where Eddard Stark was executed. but this is a fine example of I was treated for making such a video meanwhile Leafyishere is just like Joffrey where he gets away with his bullshit for a long time until someone in his own ranks decided to poison him.

      My channel was always about gaming from the start and continues on being a gaming channel but it seems that the autistic majority are proof that they are just as boring and mundane as how they want to be.

    • The Under Network

      I just updated this article. This shit is almost 6 pages long. It is hard having to explain my reasoning without including other relevant subjects as well.

      • ExoticTab

        Just read the bits you added. They continue to prove your point of dirties being parasites.

        It’s always been easier to destroy than create which is why parasites like total biscuit exist. They are lazy have no creative talent.

      • The Under Network

        It’s funny as hell because the very same autists coming over to my channel telling me that I am lazy,have no creative talent and yet they never say the same to TotalBiscuit and has never made a single game in his life and would probably die before he even gets the chance to. The double-standard for being an e-celeb. Fucking hell.

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