Overwatch is in fact my very first Blizzard game that I have ever played or purchased. I was never interested in World of Warcraft or their shitty Command and Conquer ripoff Starcraft 2. I even played the Startcraft 2 campaign and had absolutely had no interest of ever completing it. To think that I would receive a violation for “Abusive Chat” for the 7th time only proves that Blizzard’s leftist ideologies are more important than their consumers. I was even banned from the Blizzard forums for imploring them into fixing their poorly designed competitive mode that downright refuses to reward players based on their individual skill level and not how hard you can carry your incompetent team. The retards lurking in the forums swarmed in like they always have to silence any opposition that dares question this situation only for my post to either get locked or deleted as usual. Let’s not bring any truth or facts  into a conversation! Somebody’s delusional fantasies may trigger them to come back to reality!

I will personally never support another Blizzard game or any micro-transaction for as long as I live and I suggest other gamers to do the same. I have no problem what a company does as long as it does not interfere with their products. It’s incredibly ironic that Overwatch is considered as one of the many toxic gaming communities when Blizzard in fact are the ones instigating this “toxic” behavior in the first place by allowing users to report other players for hurting their precious “feelings” whenever someone gives them the facts about their autistic behavior and people wonder where normalizing this mental illness comes from.


To make matters worse,their reporting feature is so systematically flawed that it is presumed that you are “guilty until proven innocent” censoring their users from ever speaking publicly to other players even though the game already has a mute,block and squelch feature from ever communicating to players you don’t like. The report feature is a troll’s tool and is abused frequently to silence any opposition instead of using it as originally intended. I can assure you that this isn’t just some rant and there are in fact other players speaking out in regards to Blizzard’s bullshit “Account Silencing”. Blizzard has been called out for their support of leftist ideologies many times. People will just claim that what Blizzard is doing is simply ‘business’ but they obviously have no idea what they are talking about. The entire purpose of a business if to sell a product or service at the best quality possible and if you do stupid practices that alienates your customers then they have the right to NOT give you their money at all and take it elsewhere.

There is even a post on Reddit catching Blizzard in a blatant lie when a player receives a silence penalty for simply saying that he loves World of Warcraft in the public chat with 40+ abusive reports held against him only to receive his penalty automatically within a manner of minutes without the approval of a human being. This only shows that absolutely nobody is monitoring these conversations and only shows that how incredibly left leaning these faggots truly are at Blizzard. It’s even just as disgusting that EA is slowly heading towards that leftist ideology and will get their fair share of humble pie once they declare bankruptcy in the future. What goes around comes around.


Those of you that have been red-pilled for quite some time understand a trending pattern when certain “journalist” sites shill out for certain companies and corporations and release similar articles with similar titles and try to pass it off as journalism and they wonder why they have lost all credibility in their work. Because much like GamerGate these press-prostitutes get hired to “write” aka copy-paste certain articles to spread their own narrative and try to defend this type of bullshit. Here is a list of articles that I have gathered and the message is blatantly obvious and funnily enough my article is the only article that you will find that challenges their fake-news backed up by factual evidence and observable reality.

Did you hear that guys? Silence is not censorship.

Why Silence Isn’t Censorship In Games Like ‘Hearthstone’

North Korea’s experiment at removing those with dissenting opinions is also working as intended.

Overwatch toxicity experiment shows that the report feature is working as intended

Jeff Kaplan is not accepting the fact that this “troll” has had 2247 reports held against him only proves that the report feature has been abused extensively. I also have 7+ silences on my account and I probably have even fewer reports than he does but then again you cannot find a list of these reports anywhere on your account unless you are willing to write a ticket to find out. The echo-chamber is rather strong with Kaplan’s vader-grip on the forums that only allows his narrative to be told.

Overwatch director dunks on toxic player, promises changes to reporting system

Look how the writer labels free-speech as “hate speech”.


I didn’t think it was possible to find a game company worse than Electronic Arts but somehow I did. At least EA bothers to give me the reach around when they rape me unlike Blizzard. It is absolutely amazing finding out that this stupidity has become the new standard in most major game companies or corporations for that matter. Because common sense,customer service and quality assurance is no longer a requirement as long as the ignorant masses continue to buying their poorly made games. I am not sure how long it will take for the average consumer to just downright stop buying these games entirely and stop promoting these autistic leftist ideologies of censorship, conformity and complacency. This is why the second video game crash has to happen and hit them where it hurts: their bank accounts. I won’t be holding my breath when that time comes.


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5 Responses

  1. The Under Network

    They say silence is golden but not when you are playing a game that requires communication to actually intend to win matches in the game. Genius.

  2. Cameron Twothless

    My personal experience from competitive mode has consisted of primarily people just not talking, its hilarious I play with all my friends and a running joke is “I’m Cursed” ever damn game we get people that won’t play supports leaving me to play Lucio and somehow have 4 Gold Medals.

    But, I actually don’t mind if people are salty as long as their being salty in the voice chat – because then you can actually register why they are in such distress usually I just give them a bit of kindly spoken logic and they’re reasonable we all get SR and its a happy family!

    At the end of the day with Competitive I do think it works, it just comes down to WHO your playing with, I had a 5 game winning streak whilst I was sick at home, I had nicely spoken adults, cheerful students and not a endless sea of incompetent “Pro Genji’s” people who talk shit in the text-chat. I feel the huge problem are the demographic divide of people playing the game, so my tip: PLAY ON SCHOOL HOURS (9am – 3pm) im a full time student so I can’t exactly do that but that would be my tip to you 🙂 – I don’t believe this is Blizzards Fault, its the communities I reckon you just have to adapt, keep your voice chat to primarily call-outs and the ship will sale smoothly haha


    • The Under Network

      That’s the issue with solo-que hell. I want to join a gaming clan but as the old saying goes “clans are for cowards”. They are stuck-up,politically correct,man-children who think their clan is the best when they are mediocre at most. I once had a clan leader that was an adult in his 40’s who owned a large Teamspeak server go off in rants how he owns a huge server in his house and would show off photos of it but in reality he never truly owned one and actually had rented a server beyond his means and could barely afford. His clan shut down several weeks later after I had left and everyone disbanded due to internal conflicts,stupid drama and their retarded wars amongst each other.

      They would do everything except play video games and I only found out about this bullshit after his disbanded clan members told me about it. He was such a major douchebag because he would abuse the rcon system and would teleport me to him and shot me or use the kill command whenever I started kicking his ass on the COD MW3 server and he would also abuse the kill command whenever I called him out on it and then he had banned me. I noticed this repetitive trend among other “gaming” clans and I just gave up wasting my time with these professional autists and these are GROWN adults.

  3. ExoticTab

    I don’t think blizzard will ever try to reward good players but they will continue censoring people for telling the truth and hurting people’s ‘precious’ feelings. If someone can’t accept the truth they will never succeed. You have to accept the truth before you can succeed. Not pretend like it doesn’t exist. Mental illnesses should of never been normalised, it was one of the worst things to happen!

    • The Under Network

      Exactly! Because Blizzard doesn’t have their priorities straight. The game is literally an anime version of Black Ops 3 and the only reason why I still play it is because of the video footage that I am trying to gather up but it becomes fruitless when I am forced to delete useless video footage with babysitting these autists with 250+ game time.

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