I have identified myself as a MGTOW (Man Going His Own Way) for almost a decade when I was child avoiding most female interactions as it did not interest me to involve myself seriously with the opposite sex until I grew into my late teens did I ever show any interest at all. I had already known female nature far much in advance due to my analytical and objective nature of reality. The fact that most women are deceptive,heartless,rude,immature and downright manipulative as a child during my adolescence. This only solidified these facts when I had discovered the MGTOW philosophy when I had watched Sandman’s earlier videos that had not only introduced me about woman and their psychology but as well as their impact in society and history and how deeply embedded they are in a man’s everyday life. I never took women seriously due to their weak and childish behavior and third wave feminism only proved that women cannot be left with on their own devices.

I had watched hundreds of MGTOW videos frequently for many years absorbing my hunger for redpill knowledge and had decided to spend some time on the MGTOW forums. I had high expectations from a community of men that were supposedly redpilled and intelligent enough only to realize that I would be surrounded by a community of men more inclined towards gearing MGTOW into a an ideology and less of a philosophy. Because not only did these so-called “Red-Pilled” men lacked not only the knowledge but also the intelligence to self-analyze themselves putting their own personal agendas into the mix. A lot of MRA (Men’s Rights Activists) had broke off and formed an MRA 2.0 free from the traditionalist and conservative values and putting men as the highest priority above all else. This of course was a huge improvement during the transfer but a lot of MRA still stuck with the archaic mindset of not removing all of the bullshit that ruined the MRA community in the first place.

After reading and interacting in the MGTOW forums. I had begun to realize that a lot of MGTOW were not in fact true MGTOW at all but were in fact your usual cucks,manginas,meninists and social outcasts trying to hijack MGTOW for their own personal ends muddying it into an ideology instead. This proved my point when I had declared surpassing the MGTOW mindset only to be blatantly shamed and attacked by so-called other MGTOW ‘men’ that are simply too immature,too ignorant and simply too stupid to even grasp the basics of being a MGTOW and be complacent into just attacking feminism,MRAs and the like. When a topic isn’t part of the MGTOW ideology it gets sent to a “safe space” known as ‘The Litter Box’ thread where the original poster isn’t allowed to reply or comment on their own post and is ironically shamed and criticized by other men and not be allowed to have an open discussion and a fair debate on equal ground. I even have the original post here.

Being the true intellectual that I am. I planned ahead and declared in advance that I would leave the MGTOW echo-chamber and not even bother coming back to this circle-jerking-fest of pseudo-intellectual men with large egos that want to hijack MGTOW and trying to convert it into a male-supremacist ideology. The fact that the MGTOW community lacked the intelligence points to call IBMOR exactly for what it is: a cult of niggers stealing original ideas by white men as their own. The absurdity that niggers ever invented anything is only proven by facts and evidence of African history are still living in the stone age and that most black men have the IQ that of a turkey sandwich and are savages that simply can’t be reasoned with. Because not only does MGTOW lack the ability to unify men,they also lack the power to prevent the retards from poisoning the well and dividing men amongst themselves much like feminism breaking up into different racially motivated groups such as Black Feminism.

I witnessed these red flags from miles away in advance and decided to truly go my own way and simply accept reality for what it truly is free from validation from others and their cult-mindsets as a single individual responsible for my own actions and only accepting truth,facts and evidence above all else. Now you know why I outgrew the MGTOW mindset and took MGTOW to the next level further than what these retards that make up a large portion of the MGTOW community ever could.

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    • The Under Network

      All they want is to have take an idea and manipulate it into their own disgusting ideology much like how there are white and black supremacists and feminists and black feminists. They just want whatever little power grab they have for their own selfish ends.

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