I didn’t want to have to make this video but I had to out of necessity, simply because nobody on the internet was capable of coming up with a factual,rational and objective view of reality to challenge TotalBiscuit and absolutely everything wrong about this particular person. I could have made this video originally instead sooner instead of hurting all of the feelings of these special-snowflakes that I label as TotalRetards. They think that the “world’s greatest video game critic” is completely immune to any form of criticism. I personally think he deserved it and I will not apologize for it. Because karma also known as cause-and-effect has no menu and serves an incredibly cruel supper. Because karma is only a bitch if you are. The tragic irony is that karma has the tendency to deliver justice, to one cancerous asshole at a time. I could have made a video explaining with a compelling argument in the most objective manner but my most popular video on my channel is proof that you morons simply do not care about facts or reality for that matter. That my rights ends where your feelings begin. You walking abortions are living proof that YOU are the ones that can’t handle any criticism, YOU are the cancer plaguing this planet and the fact that YOU have absolutely no self-awareness.


Because right after the video was uploaded, a “popular” youtuber who goes by the username of Leafyishere actually took the time to give my video the necessary exposure to make it go viral. I never expected that my first attempt that online-shitposting would garner so much attention, but it seems that I have quite an untapped talent comparable to that of Mister Metokur. I normally do not commit to myself with such behaviors because I have always been better than that. I have always been viewed to be a serious person in real life. I could have used this talent to garner more views but that was never my sole intention. The fact that I dedicate myself to making high quality videos only to be insulted and ignored each time. I had decided to make a video in the exact opposite of what I would normally do only to prove my theory that the only way to garner any attention on YouTube is to attack someone else more popular than you. This social experiment gave me more results than I could have ever imagined. I actually discovered a formula to make as many views as possible with very little effort as possible. The tragic part is that I never desired to make such unproductive videos. I lost all faith in humanity that I never knew I had until I the TotalBiscuit cancer video.


Here is the truth about TotalBiscuit. He is an arrogant,self-deluded “video game critic” that reviews games for a living and does poorly at it. Why should I take any advice from a person with zero-credibility with no experience in video game development. He laughably majored in law in which he doesn’t even practice anymore. He is easily comparable to that of a video game journalist. He even had the audacity to claim to have an IQ of 155 when true geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking have been recorded to have an IQ of 160. The fact that TotalBiscuit doesn’t even have any useful skills in engineering,programming,mathematics or even physics for that matter. He doesn’t even take the time to learn visual basic. Here is some wonderful words of wisdom that you should take at heart: “My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.” – Pablo Picasso. The irony is that if you become a video game critic you become TotalBiscuit. The comparison between TotalBiscuit and the rest of his competition is that they actually have a system in place on how to review a game effectively. I have written and made a video review of Titanfall 2 and did a much better job than he ever could. There is no contest that my game reviews are superior and there are even other channels that I recommend that are better than TotalBiscuit in every way.


I was personally attacked from every direction. I had morons make pathetic attempts to dox me, innocent people were attacked, every retard from across the globe with the utmost hypocrisy called me a coward simply because I refused to show my real name or identity simply because they’re incapable of handling any form of criticism in regards to their glorious leader John Bain (TotalBiscuit) in which their precious pariah is sacred and should be left unharmed and that insulting him would be labeled as heresy. The huge amount of irony is that these idiots are made up of the rabid left which explains a lot. They attack anyone that disagrees with them, they personally threaten you, your family and everything else associated to you. This is a perfect example that this mental illness is more prevalent than you think. This is why I hated both the pro and the anti-gamergate community simply because neither of them stood up to what was most important: freedom of speech. Because any speech that disagrees with their disgusting,emotional,blinded view of reality is simply labeled as hate speech. I received heavy criticism against me but not once have I received any recognition from any of these reaction videos challenging TotalBiscuit’s ivory tower and putting him in his place for what he truly is: a useless unproductive parasite.


Here are my own words of wisdom that I personally wrote down myself 2 years ago in an earlier video before it was censored by the TotalRetards “Critics are people who fail at what they do. Because it takes very little energy and effort to criticize than it is to invest heavily in the time and energy it takes to create.” – The Under Network. You can even quote me on that.™ I mean it shouldn’t be a difficult task for TotalBiscuit to learn how to develop a video game with superior intellect! It’s funny how nature has a way of weeding out the weak and the stupid in such predictable ways. The fact that Roger Ebert a movie critic wound up with mouth cancer, it is only fitting that for TotalBiscuit to end up with ass cancer. The average idiot would view me as some form of sadist for having to enjoy the misfortune of others but frankly I just don’t have any fucks to give. Because idiots like you have the tendency of tripping over yourselves only to fall on your own swords. I have no pity or remorse for the inept and the “useless eaters”and “oxygen thieves” that make up the large portion of the dysgenic population.


As a final note. I have always been pro-consumer and a huge passionate gamer since I was a child. The reason why I never took the time to become a video game reviewer is simply because idiots like you will continue buying the same broken games on release day only to disregard everything that everyone has said earlier. Because if these popular game reviewers have to constantly remind you NOT to buy these broken,untested,half-finished games every year then you are definitely the problem and these game companies deserved the right to take every advantage of you idiots. I have no pity or remorse for any of you. I will not dedicate myself trying to change the unchangeable: human nature. It will not dedicate my precious time on this earth to serve a “greater purpose” of being an honest game reviewer when you won’t even take an ounce of responsibility for it. You get what you deserve and it is a dish best served COLD.

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