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The website is my very own personal portal where I bring together my most hand picked quality art,music,gaming,reviews and even some of my own content as well.

This website serves as a time capsule to archive and keep record of such content and to simply share it with the rest of the world. The content presented here is uncensored and unaltered as it always should be. Because not only is the content great but it will also help you discover something new everyday without the opinion of anonymous strangers or large evil corporations.

I am completely dependent on donations to pay for this website’s expenses. Please check the website links in the menu above to view the payment gateways that are currently available.

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3 Responses

  1. The Under Network

    I didn’t think that the average person being able to afford such an expensive piece of technology would be THIS stupid and yet stupidity knows no bounds.

    We have a generation of smart phones but stupid people using them…

      • The Under Network

        That shit scares me because just imagine how many communist regimes had this many stupid people and were gullible enough to kill others who refused to be part of their group.

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