This game will never become an esport when mass-marketing trumps gameplay. The community is mostly divided between the most “popular” Twitch streaming “ecelebs” versus the highly skilled players that will never get the exposure they deserve due to Blizzard’s nefariously implemented matchmaking system forcing skilled players to carry trash-level players. When season 2 was introduced in 2016 and I had caught on to this trending and predictable pattern of placing low-skilled players on my team on an assured basis. I am also glad that other capable and competent players are also aware of this. It is downright impossible to avoid these kind of players when Blizzard is the only one in control such power and they get to decide who you are matched up against and who gets to be placed on your team with poor results. This destroys all credibility and legitimacy of ever calling this game an esport. Those of that have invested enough time into this game may ask: why not just group up with your friends or join a clan? And that my fellow reader is a whole entire can of worms that will be discussed later.


The rigged matchmaking is very real. Blizzard’s definition of matchmaking is by forcing high-skilled players such as myself to babysit low-skilled players by carrying them in every single match. This is no different than how a socialist government robs the time and energy of the most productive and resourceful people and giving it to the most lazy and parasitic which make up the large majority on the useless population. This also includes the trolls, the throwers, the low-skilled players and most of all the griefers that have absolutely no intention of actually playing the game as originally intended only to get a negative reaction out of you without ever taking responsibility of their actions. To make matters worse Blizzard is not measuring you based on your skill as an individual but on how much you can carry your pathetic team in every single match. This is commonly known as the “hidden MMR” a match making ratio that Blizzard has implemented for decades into giving them a terrible reputation in the gaming community to cater solely to casual players. The gaming industry as a whole has also implemented this method in games such as Call Of Duty and Counter-Strike Global Offensive to drain as much money out of your wallet in the form of skins and lootboxes. Because they designed these games to cater to the lowest common denominator to “make everyone a winner” instead of distinguishing the game between the winners and the losers like nature always intended.


Remember how I had discussed earlier on how Blizzard has designed the matchmaking system to cater to the lowest-common denominator? It has been proven many times by the community that Overwatch is not designed to be an even playing field solely based on your own individual skills as a player but on how capable you are at carrying your pathetic team to the finish line. The matchmaking system has been proven to be mathematically and systematically rigged to only allow you to have a 50/50 win-lose ratio. You can have a 100% accuracy, be the highest scoring player with 0 deaths with an infinitely high KDR and still be paired up with the worst teams possible forcing you to inevitably lose your matches regardless of your flawless skill. Blizzard is fully aware that top tier players within my skill range will shred the enemy team into confetti and scatter their sorry asses into the wind where they belong. This is why the matchmaking system is specifically designed to cater to casual players that make up the large majority of the community. They want to make sure that the average player buys as many lootboxes as possible before losing complete interest in the game. Players that have also purchased multiple copies for smurfing purposes also noticed this trending pattern for themselves. The very same algorithm that Blizzard uses for quickplay also uses the exact mathematical formula that is being used in the competitive game mode. I decided to do some searching of my own on the forums only to prove that I was correct all along.

This forum post in particular is possibly the best well written topic in regards to the rigged matchmaking. The fact that Blizzard is in fact out to get pro-level players such as myself from being able to rise to the Top 500 and reach Grandmaster on our own without the use of a team. This only proves that Blizzard seriously hates solo players especially players capable enough to outperform the rest and created this socialist system where “everybody’s a winner” when in fact everyone’s a loser and the only winners here are Blizzard exploiting you to keep the player count constantly active. It is should be more capitalistic where the best performing players will always remain at the top based on sheer skill and understanding the game mechanics.

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I have participated in the competitive game mode in every pattern possible. It is downright mathematically impossible for a player of my skill and caliber to be constantly be carrying low-skilled players in every single match. It is even more difficult when you have emotionally driven players on your team to simply cry and pout like petulant children when they never get their way. When they whine on how you are using their main hero, to telling someone else to go support when you are the least performing player with subpar KDR. This includes players that want to go attack torb, bastion, mei, widow and hanzo only to throw the match every single time and wonder why the community is “toxic” to begin with. These very same knuckle-dragging morons even have the audacity to commit blameshifting by never taking responsibility for anything, poor decision making, little to no communication and just plain sucking at the game. I have had countless livestreams on Twitch where I was muted multiple times for simply telling the truth and hurting their fragile little egos. You can clearly see for yourself that I am always in a cool and calculative manner only to trigger these special little snowflakes with my honest, straightforward, no bullshit, clear-cut character.


The algorithm is even more incredibly rigged when you are grouped up especially with a team of 6 players. The waiting times can go as far as 10-30 minutes per match simply because they do not want clans that know how to work as a team to completely curb-stomp against the pubbies even though we are responsible enough to take the time and effort to meet together in a scheduled manner and know how to communicate as a team. Blizzard’s definition of “fair” is by placing an equal exact number of grouped up players vs another team of grouped up players. This includes 6vs6 group or a 2+4vs2+4 group which is no different than playing against pubbies. Because we would be playing with random strangers on our team who literally throw matches and still ruin for everybody. This is why players that are normally in groups are similarly-minded people with similar skills and natures and know each other well enough instead of relying on random strangers each time with unpredictable behaviors.

I’ve already had a lot of terrible experiences with clans. What I’ve have learned is that clans are for cowards. Because these clans have this cultish-mindset that everybody should agree with what they have to say and anyone that dares question their false sense of authority is automatically banned. It is practically daycare for adults. Because most of these clans solely exist to be special snowflakes and never focus on what is most important: enjoying what you love playing together as a team. Because 90% of their priorities is to mainly focus on setting up rules and regulations instead of actually playing fucking video games. This is why I don’t waste my precious time sucking up to potato-priests trying to win their favor by stroking their fragile little egos.



It is no surprise that I had already discussed this an earlier article about this particular issue in a detailed manner. How can you develop a game designed to do teamwork when you censor your very own customers from being able to communicate with each other? This makes it downright impossible when to play when the report feature gets abused constantly and receiving a ban in the matter of not only hours but in mere minutes? To make matters worse they increase your ban by double each time you get penalized for it. This is a great way to utterly destroy any credibility your game company has when you prioritize policing over your customers instead of fixing your broken game or inserting leftist leaning politics in just about everything. The fact that it has taken over a year to fix Torbjorn, Symmetra, Bastion and Mei goes to show you how they need to be a game company first and make their politics second.


I have already discussed about this particular topic in an earlier article that Blizzard is willing to allow you to cheat as long as you are “pro”. You have no idea how many countless times I had to report known aimbotters and cheaters on my livestream only for Blizzard to not only blatantly ignore this problem and look the other way but to blatantly promote cheating as long as you don’t get caught. Because of this I have lost all faith in ever considering not only this game but any game title out there to ever be considered as a true esport when there is no transparency, legitimacy or credibility from these game companies to keep their games as clean and fair as possible. It is not that it cannot be done. It is simply because they themselves are profiting from the rampant cheating by allowing players to purchase multiple copies of the game and allowing them to purchase even more lootboxes and making a double-dip in sales. I would know from my personal experience from the online game hacking community and how they openly share this information on their forums. It is no surprise that when a disgruntled employee leaves the company they bring along data or memorize certain exploits that will give players the advantage especially in the competitive scene. These hacks can be inserted in rather creative methods that bypass most antivirus software with ease. These methods include visiting a site, downloading an image file, bluetooth receivers, injected inside a mouse or keyboard and javascripts.


Players such as Taimou and Surefour have already been caught cheating and aimbotting with overwhelming undisputed evidence held against them. The Overwatch community as a whole are becoming more aware of how corrupt and rigged the competitive scene truly is. Because Blizzard has invested too much money into their scheme. This is why Blizzard has an iron-grip on the forums to prevent such facts and truths from being leaked out by major gaming news outlets which would undoubtedly damage their game sales in the longterm. When I had first started Overwatch cheating was kept at a minimum somewhere between 6%-10% but as time progressed it had spiked to an incredibly high 30%-40% in almost every match. The chances of encountering a cheater on Overwatch has made the game completely unplayable. There is at least 1 cheater per match and it is blatantly obvious when Widow, Hanzo and McCree have now taken the top spot as the ten most commonly used heroes. The fact that the most effective heroes that bring the most value to the team such as Zarya, Junkrat, Reinhardt and Symmetra are the least used meanwhile the most commonly used by aimbotters are one-shot sniper heroes. This imbalance shows how blatantly obvious the hacking problem is currently taking place and Blizzard doing absolutely nothing to stop it.


Because not only is Blizzard constantly patching and updating the game on a daily or weekly basis, they fix vital game design flaws and features incredibly slow pace since it’s original release. The fact that it has taken Blizzard over a year to fix certain game design flaws and make useless heroes such as Torbjorn, Mei, Mercy and Symmetra competent enough to actually be valued in the game. Because all of these heroes are created equal but some are more effective than others. Its as if Blizzard doesn’t even play their own game and blatantly continue to ignore the concerns of the community when a large majority of the community are slowly losing interest in the game. This is why I always get banned from these forums for simply backing up my arguments based on factual evidence, data and reasoning only for these game companies to flop and declare bankruptcy soon after only proving my point that I was simply being factually correct as usual. Nothing new here.


Have you ever noticed that certain Overwatch Twitch streamers receive a lot more exposure and attention than they clearly deserve even though they clearly play like absolute trash? Have you noticed that they are being matched with more and more competent players on their team with Blizzard’s blatantly rigged matchmaking system? The fact that these players automatically receive Grand Master rankings right after their match placements? I once won every single match without a single loss and still got placed in the exact same rank as I did before. I predictably also received the exact same rank previously with only two wins and 8 losses.

The difference being that a pro level player and a hardcore casual is that a hardcore casual will only be allowed in an esport event solely based on their popularity and exposure instead of being based on their skills,knowledge and merit. Those of us that are more enlightened and educated unlike the rest of the ignorant masses are actually fully aware that sports simply exist as mere entertainment and are less concerned about the sport and the legitimacy of the game itself. The more twitch followers that you have the more you are capable of spreading a message about sponsorships to present to your viewers. When it comes down to esports, it is all about the money. There is actually more legitimacy at a local LAN party than any esport event that any corporation could ever provide. It is no surprise that top tier players such as myself do not concern ourselves with trash level players or ecelebs for that matter,players such as Surefour, Taimou or even Seagull. There is a massive difference between a professional level player and a professional clown that merely exist for entertainment value.

The fact that Blizzard is showing signs of favoritism with each season. The tragedy is that it is working flawlessly as Blizzard executives have expected and clearly shows that not even gamers are immune to their blind fanaticism of the competitive gaming scene.

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