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Overwatch Is More Than Just A Team Fortress 2 Clone

Overwatch is basically the game where Team Fortress 2 had initially failed to cater to in regards to updated graphics,gameplay,sound and most of all teamwork. I enjoyed TF2 during it’s initial release but had gotten incredibly repetitive due to the lackluster updates and with Valve not having any competitive mode in mind until Overwatch’s popularity increased only did Valve had ironically created a competitive game mode solely for the purpose to rival that of Blizzard’s new FPS IP without realizing that Overwatch had emulated a similar system in advance to that of EA’s Battlefield where damage and kills are shared amongst the rest of the team distributing kills and damage rather fairly and where teamwork is considered vital in regards to diverse set of different characters and abilities that can be mixed and matched limitlessly essentially forcing players to work together as a team instead of just another Battlefield/COD arcade clone.

Because TF2 is mostly designed and focused with a “boots on the ground’ gameplay with the occasional explosive jumping. Overwatch of course has more abilities and features that allow characters to fly,teleport and ingeniously designed to do team-based combo attacks and countering certain characters at specific chokepoints and locations allowing each character to serve a role as I have stated earlier. Overwatch is an improved version of TF2 preventing it from being limited to Valve’s Source Engine.

Differences In Setting

There are of course certain similarities between the two games meanwhile, TF2 is based in a comical 1950’s Midwest,United States where two twin brothers are both greedily fighting over their recently deceased father’s remaining property and assets ironically pre-planned in advance to distribute the wealth equally before his death to mockingly pit them against one-another only for the two brothers to predictably hire the most mentally armed and dangerous mercenaries in the world to try and take control of each other’s property and resources in the war of attrition only to end in a tie for several decades to come. The main characters of course are mostly composed of males which is historically accurate being in a post-World War II and ironically the only race that stand out is the black-Scottish cyclopes who happens to be a demolitions expert.

The difference being that the Overwatch has a more serious tone with a comic-book theme with a large with a wildly diverse set of characters including males,females,robots and robots alike,in which the “The omniums and their robot populations had been created to bolster manufacturing and create economic equality worldwide.[3] However, when Omnica was shut down after evidence of fraud, the omniums were shut down. It therefore came as such a surprise when these defunct, dismantled omniums woke themselves back up and immediately launched a military campaign against all of humanity,[5] churning out legions of militarized robots.[3] The omnics also hijacked pre-existing technology such as the Titan walker, and converted it into a weapon of war.[6] The world reeled at the appearance of this new enemy, as the omnics waged a war to overthrow the human race.[3] commonly known as the ‘Omnic Crisis’ it then follows up after the war due to it’s unwanted consequences in regards to political,cultural,financial and it’s psychological impact on human and Omnic society.



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