It’s finally here. The massive JewTube censorship. The fact everyone on YouTube is surprised goes to show you how the ignorant masses are surely but slowly waking up to the fact that their rights are assuredly being taken away. What did you honestly expect when all of the Zionist-Jews own all of the internet services, radios, the newspapers, the social media networks, video platforms and every popular form of communication. This is why they want to censor the internet to keep redpilled people from being able to communicate between each other. This is why the DeepWeb will become more and more popular through the use of Tor. I highly recommend you start getting used to such a browser because Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are finally under the full control of these leftist groups and it is only a matter of time before they start to snitch and sell you out just for simply disagreeing with them. The war of the web has begun. The final frontier of enlightenment is at stake. Because once the internet gets taken down for good there will be nothing but riots and hangings in the street in real life.

I had warned everyone, my friends, my subscribers and even random strangers online that YouTube is censoring everyone there. I was fully aware of this fact when my channel rarely received any attention over a decade ago with the limited views and likes that I had received and the professional autists that are dedicated to posting their retarded comments and dislikes without any intention of ever stopping and JewTube doing absolutely nothing to stop them. This is why I had built my website years in advance for such an event like this and I highly recommend you all do the same if you intend to spread your message free from anyone that wants to censor you from it. There are already web hosting services fully dedicated to censoring you just because they can. It is only a matter of time before these leftist companies will lose their precious shekels when people decide to vote with their wallets and refuse to financially support these cocksuckers. The only other option is to host your website somewhere else more securely and remotely free from the massive censorship wave of governments much like Pirate Bay.

The fact that the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) which has an extremely bad reputation for censoring everyone and anyone that disagrees with them through the use of Zionist propaganda and calling anyone an “anti-semite” to silence anyone that speaks out against them and their fascist grip over the freedom of speech. These assholes are now in charge of the JewTube Heroes program hated by absolutely everyone for being an absolute thought-police to monitor and censor everyone that has any good content worth watching. They think everyone is out to get them but in fact nobody wants them, this is why their kind has been kicked out of 110+ countries around the globe. Why do you think that their home country Israel is in the middle of a desert? Because they have absolutely nowhere else left to go. Because most of their resources are imported from other countries and are receiving billions of dollars in foreign aid at the expense of the taxpayers. They are literally robbing your parents, you and your future children of any rights, resources, energy and most of all your precious time.

I have invested too much money and time on JewTube to even give a shit about supporting that website anymore. I have always been ahead of the curb by not investing too much of my time on certain project with diminishing returns. This is why I have been slaving away for over a decade constantly redesigning and reworking my site but lacking the time to post any content of my own. This video by EmpLemon is probably the most accurate video everything wrong with YouTube. I highly recommend you subscribe to his channel. I cherish people who supported me for all these years and always come back to greet me whenever they have the chance. It is just that I always have an incredibly busy schedule and I am always short on time. I have always worked hard since I was a child and I will most likely die working even when I get old.

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