Ignorance is the disease and knowledge is the cure. It is merely a small variable with the potent ability that allows human beings to distinguish themselves from lesser human beings. In this realm that we call reality, knowledge truly is power. Because without it you can effect nothing. You can only value such knowledge when you gather that information, process it and apply it to the real world. This is why intelligent people are composed of a very small minority of the human population therefore, their work is considered legendary and sometimes even godly when they succeed in their endeavors. A large majority of the stupid population do not even value such treasures. They do not consider the importance of such valuable knowledge, it is even more tragic when they do not even value themselves solely catering to their very own pleasures in the form of entertainment, substance, sex and ideology.


When compared to these kinds of people, intelligence is a sin. The tragedy is that most intelligent people are incredibly altruistic that they are willing to invest so heavily to share such knowledge at the sacrifice of their own self-interests. The return investment rarely ever comes into fruition only to be wasted as usual. This is why intelligence is heavily allocated for evil and wicked purposes. Because it is only natural for intelligent beings to see that return investment come back to them selfishly. This is where the trope of an “evil scientist” originates from. Why even bother allocating such resources in a finite world when the large majority of the population lack either the desire, will or intelligence to do so? It is only inevitable for an altruistic intellectual to fool himself into thinking that such knowledge would ever get put to such good use. This is why evil prevails when you put yourself as the highest priority above all else. Because in the end you are the one that truly matters and everything else comes second commonly known as self-preservation.

“Thousands of years ago the first man discovered how to make fire. He was probably burnt at the stake he’d taught his brothers to light, but he left them a gift they had not conceived and he lifted darkness from the face of the Earth.” – Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead


This is why I objectively do not view most corporations as evil. They are simply putting their own self-interests above all else. Because a corporation is composed of multiple people unified under one body. The literal definition of a corporation defined by Webster is “a body formed and authorized by law to act as a single person although constituted by one or more persons and legally endowed with various rights and duties including the capacity of succession” and this is why corporations grow to be more influential than governments. Because a lot can be accomplished when you pool together most of your resources and use it in a more efficient manner. This is no different than your usual coalition comparable to that of an army. This is why corporations only hire the most intelligent and most productive but unlike the government where they only hire the most easily manipulated and complacent.


I have personally worked at a corporation and have no desire to work in such an environment. This is why I prioritize my freedom above all else. I understand why such structures exist. They subject themselves with too much power over others and is what eventually destroys them. This is why most corporations either merge or declare bankruptcy due to their massive incompetence and poor allocation of limited resources. It is because corporations are either infiltrated or are forced to subject themselves to feminist, socialist and most of all globalist ideals by governments in which it festers like a cancer from within only for a company to quickly die out kicking and screaming. This is what happens when anti-intellectualism rears its ugly head like it always does with its irrational, emotional and predictable manner. This is why when it comes to diversity your inevitable result is bankruptcy.


Because only with similarity will you get uniformity. This is why there are certain standards that must be met. A minimum requirement that must agreed upon to accomplish certain goals and objectives to get the most desired outcomes. This is why most intelligent people are identical. Because if it exists it can be measured, if it can be measured it can be understood and if it can be understood it can be standardized through sheer rationality. This is why intelligent people are considered within a league of their own and most of all a threat to lesser intelligent people because of competition. Because through separation comes limitation and with limitation there lies obstruction. This is why progression moves at a snail’s pace. It is already difficult for like-minded individuals to separate themselves from lesser beings and it is even more difficult when they are individually scattered across the globe completely unaware of each other’s existence without reliable communication.


It becomes a paradox all on its own. If another intelligent person exists how would you find them? What are the chances of you ever encountering them? Tragically, you won’t. Like a diamond in the rough, you will encounter more grains of sand than there are grains of diamond. This is why most intellectuals are alone and will always be alone. It is both a gift and curse. Like most intelligent people they become an island on to themselves. Your world scope of reality is only limited to that tiny patch of land in an endless sea of ignorance separating you from the other islands that could or could not possibly exist. You will forever be damned with this trait. I myself find it hard to cope with such an ability in such a cruel world that we live in that outright hates such gifts. This is why most intelligent people choose not to have kids or decide to have them in a later in life. Because intelligent people with evil intentions want to eliminate and dilute as much competition as possible through dysgenics, robbery of our rights, social engineering and the elimination of those who value freedom.


That is why intelligence is mankind’s first true sin. It is a curse placed on the world to punish those that know too much and reward to those that know too little. Because knowledge can be used for good or for evil much like power, it does not choose sides and only favors those with the ability to act. This is why intellectualism is looked down upon. That is why your average moron uses the expression “check your privilege” constantly. Because what they are actually trying to say is “stop reminding me of how intellectually inferior I am to you”. Because those that are inferior do not want to be constantly reminded of how ignorant they truly are and do not have the will or desire to progress any further and surpass their own limitations.

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