Hello everyone this is The Under Network here. Welcome to Overwatch Bootcamp.

In this episode we will be covering Pharah and how you can learn to master this hero to your fullest extent.
Pharah is a flanker capable of flight therefore you must be aggressive, relentless, mobile and remain in flight as much as you possibly can.

Using this hero will require incredible amounts of accuracy, quick reflexes, timing, both situational and environmental awareness with a little side of creativity.

The environment around you is your best defense and offense to remain stealthy to flank the enemy team where they least expect it.
The difficulty being that Pharah’s main focus is to fire a barrage of rockets at the enemy avoiding to get hit at all costs even if it means taking self-inflicted damage to escape with even slimmest of your own remaining health.

That is why it is crucial to memorize every single Health Vial and Health Pack on the map to continue your relentless rocket barrage against the enemy team.

It is possible to use Pharah both on attack and on defense which requires a huge amounts of gameplay experience and knowledge to know when and how to strike at the right moment.
You will most likely remain alone and will have to separate yourself from the rest of the team to keep enemy team is distracted by the tanks or other flankers on your team.

Pharah can be used to take down all matter of heroes including tanks, supports and flankers but the biggest challenge are snipers and Bastions,Torbs and other enemy Pharahs.

Pharah’s rockets can be used on multiple enemy targets at a time due to the rocket’s splash damage so try to group the enemy together as close as possible with your Concussive Blast.
The Concussive Blasts can be used to push enemy targets off ledges for an instant kill.

It can even be used as a third aerial boost to either repel yourself towards or away from an enemy attack as a last resort.
Pharah can even be used to save your team from Reinhardt pin attempts and Roadhog Hooks.

Always keep facing the enemy target even when running backwards to finish them off faster than they can get within their range or leap into the air and fire straight down with an eagle’s eye view.

Your Concussive Blast is a very useful tool to push the enemy away or towards you to close off any distance between you and your target.

It is best to remain in high hard to reach areas but do not stay in the same spot for long otherwise you will lose whatever element of surprise you may have had earlier.

The best method to make deadly accurate rocket shots is to measure your time, depth and distance accordingly and think in 3 dimensions due to the fact that you have a rocket capacity of 6 between each reload.

Because 2 rockets alone will take down 50% of the heroes in the roster therefore 6 rockets can take down 3 enemy heroes if all 6 shots land.

Do not be afraid to use your ultimate ability even for a single enemy target. You will always get more in the future.

A skilled Pharah player will always get another ultimate within 45 to 60 seconds and your primary weapon is actually more reliable than your ultimate due to the fact that your ultimate will make you an easy target ready to get picked off the air by the enemy team.

Thank you for watching. I will see you next time in the next upcoming episode when I discuss about Tracer.

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