Rigged Matchmaking



The game has already been proven mathematically and objectively by the community that Supercell designed this game to pit you against the exact counters to your current deck to force to buy even more cards with real money. It is impossible for you to rank up to the next arena without paying your way to the top. I have personally already spent $100 not because I want to win but because I prefer the use a certain deck based on my fighting style. You have no idea how many times I received the worst legendary cards in the entire game such as 6 Lava Hounds, 3 Graveyards and 6 Zap Cannons even though there are literally 12+ different kinds of legendaries in the entire game. This only proves that $upercell wants to take financial advantage of the trend of the esport craze more than anything.

Matchmaking Is Probably Rigged

New Matchmaking System Is Punishing Good Clash Royale Players

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