This mobile game will never become an esport regardless of how much money $uper$ell is throwing at it. The game economy is terrible and their rigged matchmaking system is only making it worse. It is mathematically impossible to advance to the next arena without buying and leveling up your cards. It is truly a pay-to-win game. The gameplay is great but these poor business decisions ruins the experience.
  • The multiplayer netcode is great especially for a mobile game.
  • The game has excellent graphics,sounds and music giving it an overall theme.
  • It is highly fun and addicting with very short matches and low waiting times.
  • The matchmaking system is extremely rigged and forcing P2W at the cost of skill.
  • The chest slot limit and waiting times are a joke.
  • The fact that they want to make this into an esport only to try and profit from the hype.
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The matchmaking is objectively rigged and fundamentally designed to punish skilled players and reward pay-to-win payers. This is why the arenas are designed to segregate those that grind and those that pay their way to the top. I was able to find this predictable pattern when I was placed against players that own the exact cards that I do at much higher levels or be placed against players that have the exact counters to defeat my deck. The algorithm for the ranking system is NOT based on the amount of trophies that you have but the what deck that you are currently using and how many matches you have won. They deliberately place you on a losing streak to put you in an elo hell and make sure you never rise up through the ranks too fast and make sure you don’t stomp on players below you. If you honestly think that SuperCell will rely on randomization, think again. They are the casino and the house ALWAYS wins. This is less about a game about skill or strategy but on how lucky you are on how many mistakes that your opponent makes. Because for all we know you could have risen to the next arena by mistake due to players being AFK or someone’s dumb sibling using their account or some random players dropping trophies on purpose to lower themselves to a lesser arena. SuperCell systematically designed the ranking system to make sure that skilled players don’t rise up through the ranks simply for outsmarting their opponents. They are fully aware of what they are doing and it may as well be considered illegal as a method of cheating out their customers and is almost as close to gambling at this point.


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