Blizzard are so proud of their banwaves but are completely silent when the “pros” do it. Because not only does this make the competitive scene uninteresting,you become completely disappointed that money and sponsorships are more important than the legitimacy of your game. When you finally realize that these so-called “pro” players who play at these competitive levels are just blatant cheaters. This is why the current Top 500 and the Overwatch ranking system is an absolute joke that simply doesn’t reward players based on their sole merits or skills and only how much you can carry your incompetent team.


There is overwhelming evidence that Blizzard supports cheating that as long as you are a popular gamer [not necessarily skilled or talented] that brings in sponsorships for the mindless masses that makes up the large majority of the Overwatch community. It seems that every single game company with any interest in creating a competitive scene always tragically and predictably falls under this category whether to decide to either ban these cheaters and fear not alienating the very same customer base that frequently buys their games and ingame micro-transactions. A game company is a business but it comes to a point that you have to be able to differentiate between business and just plain bullshit.

“I have a huge extensive knowledge in regards to online cheating than the average player especially in regards to the multiplayer FPS genre as well as how to spot a cheater,detecting cheating at a deep level,the type of people who have the desire to cheat and what they hope to accomplish from it.” – The Under Network


I have personally used these hacking tools such as aimbot, chams, ESP, nospread, norecoil, wallhacks and more. This gave me a hands on experience from a cheater’s perspective and how any schmuck can easily be mistaken for a “good” or “pro” player. They can be purchased via subscription by a video game hacking developer (pharmacist) that creates the software and just like over the table pharmaceuticals. You can easily compare hacking to that of steroids. Because athletes use these enhancements to get an edge over their opponent and get quick results without any of the practice,experience or dedication. This type of behavior is usually attributed to jealousy,delusion and a false sense of superiority. They are usually purchased by children as young as 8 to the age of 19. They are usually purchased by stealing their parents credit cards or use their own personal prepaid cards. This type of behavior is pathological and common because if they are wiling to go as far as to cheat in an online multiplayer game what makes you so sure these type of people are not willing to take it to the next level and commit themselves to serious crimes.

The fact that a good number of Overwatch players are slowly waking up to Blizzard’s bullshit of not taking any real action against these cheaters is proof that hacking and cheating is rampant. Here is a link to the original forum post of this screenshot.


This type of behavior is lazy and are the type of people that cheat at the olympics and enjoy ruining other people’s competitive online experience for their own false sense of narcissism. Because once they are caught and banned,they simply buy another copy of the game,buy another monthly subscription and can be done within the span of 20 minutes only to go back online and continue on their rampant cheating only for a game company allowing them to continue to cheat as long as they continue buying multiple copies of their game and make purchases in the form of micro-transactions. Because once a players stops giving them money by a certain threshold that’s when a game company bans them. They are willing to allow cheaters to cheat as long as these idiots continue giving these game companies their money. I would know this personally because I never once got banned from a multiplayer game as long as I had kept making certain small purchases every few days. This enables game companies to tolerate cheating. The fact that Blizzard only suspends and doesn’t PERMANENTLY ban cheaters only shows how far the are willing to be greedy to keep the money flowing.


I have come across an Overwatch channel known as Overwatch Police that does a good job of giving you the instant highlights of popular Overwatch players that have been caught cheating for well over a year ever since the game’s inception on May 24,2016 and since I have begun writing this article on March 3,2017 the game will officially be 1 year old and these players still continue to hack and cheat without any repercussions regardless of the hundreds and thousands of reports filed against these players. Because not only have they been cheating on Overwatch but on other FPS game series such as Titanfall,Call Of Duty and Battlefield.

To make matters worse,these game companies blatantly lie and deny that of these players ever cheating regardless of the overwhelming visual evidence and the data collected from their anti-cheat system. Blizzard has no intention of ever stopping these cheaters until you hit them where it hurts: their wallets. This the only language that all businesses can agree upon regardless of religion,race or background; And the tragedy that online cheating has become not only normalized but considered worth defending these obvious cheaters by the mindless masses that make up the large gaming community.


Surefour who is part of the gaming clan known as Cloud9 was caught aimbotting several times with many allegations held against him but each and every time he seems to get away with his blatant cheating in many similar games. The fact that these cheaters are being placed on a pedestal is just as sickening as protecting politicians for being known pedophiles in the public eye and are not being charged for simply being too “popular”. It must be his $2,000 gaming chair that increases his “human aimbotting” skills (sarcasm not included). This is the epiphany of how far douchebaggery and narcissism allows to have added benefits of getting away with cheating as long as you are willing to sellout your legitimacy for pure greed of the video game entertainment industries that sponsor you.

The irony that Surefour’s blatant cheating was exposed on a live video game tournament that even the commentators themselves are mocking the legitimacy of the competitive scene when they dropped small hints about Surefour’s blatant cheating.

It seems that all game companies are mostly concerned in putting profits over players and have no intention of ever placing these fail-safes in advance and preventing these types of people from committing these acts and only apologize once they have been caught. What concerns me more is the controlled opposition by so-called “journalists” that get paid to shill for these groups and companies in advance to control or discredit any truth and facts into their own narrative.

This is why I have always avoided video game clans for a very long time and I continue to do so. I cannot handle the stupidity of being in a video game clan that are mostly composed of arrogant,ignorant and immature cowards. As the old video game saying goes: clans are for cowards. This is why intelligent and talented gamers are usually loners because they don’t have to rely on team mates or numbers and are only concerned with only one objective: results and nothing but results.



It is easy to spot a cheater when they shoot pre-fire around corners and never miss any shots and show absolutely no reactions and know where every single enemy target is on the map. The fact that this idiot landed all 100% of McCree’s Fan The Hammer bullets on an enemy Reinhardt’s head is proof enough of his blatant aimbotting. This is why Blizzard increased the spread on McCree’s ability to ensure that aimbotters can’t keep getting away with instant headshotting every single tank in the game.



This idiot can’t even keep control of his blatant aimbotting when his aim hits enemy targets perfectly in the head pre-firing before they are even visible on screen or around walls or corners. He even shots two enemy Tracers in the head before they their Blink ability could even end. You can find other observations from other players on  this Reddit thread.

The fact that this moron keeps landing perfect headshots with Tracer’s dual wielding Pulse Pistols on every single enemy target with one magazine,pay close attention of the constant twitching and snapping of his aimbot even though Tracer’s bullets have a very large spread and it takes about 4-8 reloads to actually take down most tanks in this game. Blizzard deliberately designs certain weapons to prevent or reduce aimbotting to the point that anyone getting incredibly high accurate shots would have to be within close range against any heroes that can take out Tracer in 1-2 shots regardless of how good you are.



This aimbotting couldn’t be anymore obvious. His aimbot is so strong that he doesn’t even bother to hide it. It literally snapped from target to target and they weren’t even within his line of vision to begin with. This is how most aimbotters are usually caught when they accidentally hold down the LMB for too long and continues to lock on whatever is directly in front of them by a 180 degree angle of where they are facing.

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